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Find and correct the mistakes. then write sentences. example mrs brown is old than mrs black.- mrs brown older than mrs black/ 1. robert is more young than sue. 2. my cousin is tall as my brother. 3. a kitten is less small as a cat. 4. my father is two years old than my uncle. 5. dogs are more better than cats.

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.(Напишите рассказ (реальный или воображаемый) о ком-то от вашей семьи. на языке).
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Заполните пропуски: there are many legends about robin hood. he was a saxon birth
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Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_242dcv37
https://www. schooltube. com/media/%2AHD1080P+A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+FULLMOVIE+2020/0_242dcv37
https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%282020%29+++WATCH+ONLINE+STREAMING/0_4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_w0v0s56k
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%E3%80%90FuLL+Horror+The+Movie%E3%80%91+2020/0_w0v0s56k
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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
1. If I (to be)busy, I (not to go)to the concert. 2. If she (to come )to help me yesterday , we (to do) this work quicker . 3. If you (to put)on your glasses, you (to see better. )4. He (to be )very displeased, if you (not to ring )him up. 5. If you (not to be ) so careless about your health last month, you (to consult )the doctor.
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я не понимаю мнееееее​
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Составте рассказ на тему: "погода в белоруссии"
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Завершите предложени, раскрыв скобки 1.when the bell rang the children (to run) into the classroom and (to take) their seats. 2. when i opened the door, the lesson (to begin) and the teacher (to explain) something to the class 3.before we (to take) the boy to the theatre he (never to see) a play. 4.i (to clean) the carper when the dog (to come) and (to shake) himself 5.by the
time we (to arrive) the party (to finish) 6.-when you (to do) when i (to call) you? - i ( to cook)
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