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Заполни пропуски выражениями a ceremony, to develop
logic, an event, a national anthem, overall, to soothe, to wait for,
wedding в правильной форме.
1 Music is part of many important ___________.
2 The _________ of the country is played at presidential inauguration
and other special occasions.
3 It`s also played at various international sports ________ before
games and competitions.
4 Music helps ________, and children with early music training are
good at learning languages.
5 Music can also be ___________, that`s why relaxing music is often
played in waiting areas.
6 When you _________ a doctor`s appointment, you can listen to some
nice music.
7 People like listening to music, singing and dancing at birthday and
__________ parties.
8 There are many kinds of music and new styles continue to appear,
the ___________list goes on and on.

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