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.(Откройте скобки, поставив глаголы в present perfekt и перевести предложения. 1.last year he(to write)me very often, but this year i (to receive)only one letter from him/).

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Не согласись. nick likes to roller-skate/
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:put the verbs in brackets into the correct from, past simple or past continuous, to complete the sentences.(поместите глаголы в скобках в правильное от, простое или настоящее, чтобы закончить предложения.) anne() a book when suddenly she () a weird noise. she (3) ) the window but she (4) /see) anything
unusual. then a green monster (5) ) in the garden. at first she () in horror but then she() that it seemed familiar. she() on the garden light and she () surprised. the wind ( (move) her green dress on the washing line up and down making her think it was a monster.
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Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_242dcv37
https://www. schooltube. com/media/%2AHD1080P+A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+FULLMOVIE+2020/0_242dcv37
https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%282020%29+++WATCH+ONLINE+STREAMING/0_4ky6p5zu
https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_w0v0s56k
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%E3%80%90FuLL+Horror+The+Movie%E3%80%91+2020/0_w0v0s56k
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Рассказать на языке своим друзьям каким я представляю себе hobbita
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Complete the situations. use the verbs in brackets in the right verd forms. 1)the boys(play) football now. they (be) tired. they (play) football for an hour and a half. 2)tom (begin) talking on phone an hour ago. i think he should finish. he(talk) on the phone forman hour already. 3)roy came to see the dentist at nine o`clock. it (be) 9: 30 now. roy(wait) for the doctor since 9: 00 a. m 4)colin (become) a
professor in 1998.he (work) at the university since he (become) a professor. 5)the greens (move) to canada last summer. they (live) in canada now. they (live) in canada for about a year.
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 19:20, NataliaKotic
Расскрыть скобки what you (do)tommorow? what you(going to do) next summer? what you (do) at 8 o'clock tommorow? you (do) this wotk by next sunday?
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 20:10, anastasia69smirnova
Read the stori and say why henry's parents were a little sad. henry henry had no brothers and no sisters. "i want a brother," he told his parents. "sorri," they said. henry had no friends in his street. "i wans to live in a different street," he told his parents. "sorrry," they said. henry had no pets at home. "iwant to have a dog," he told his parents. "sorri," they almost said. but first they looked at
their house with no brothers and sisters. they looked at their street with no children. then they looked at henry's face. then they looked at each other. "okay," they said. "i want to hug you! " henry told his parents. and he did.
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